We have created a flexible pricing structure suitable to all your needs.

Monthly Rates

Standard prep operations
(one workstation three people maximum)

  • $600 for 20 hours/month
    $30 per additional hour

  • $1000 for 40 hours/month
    $25 per additional hour

Extras Workstations

Each workstation is limited to 3 people MAXIMUM. If your group brings in an additional 4th, 5th, or 6th person, then your group gets billed for TWO workstations. 


•Kitchen theory is open 24 hours seven days a week location he closed for special events deep cleaning constructions or others.

• Three workstations can support three groups at any given time.

 •All renters are required to schedule kitchen time on the calendar prior to coming in.

•kitchen time can be scheduled on the calendar by emailing  with desired dates and times.

•kitchen calendar can be viewed online, link to Calendar will be given to active renters.

Basic Contract

  • 3-month contract to start. Month-to-month contract thereafter.  

  • 30 day notice required to terminate following contract term.  $600 minimum rent per month.


  • Kitchen Theory's shared kitchen is open between the hours of Monday – Friday, 3AM – 1PM

  • Kitchen Theory has 4 workstations and can support 2 groups maximum at any given time

  • All renters are required to schedule kitchen time on the calendar prior to coming in

  • Kitchen times can be scheduled on the calendar or by emailing with desired dates and times or online

  • Kitchen Theory's shared kitchen calendar can be viewed online. Link to calendar will be given to active renters

Deposits & Documents

  • $500 deposit plus $100 key deposit, will be deducted from credit card on file.

  • Current ServSafe of food handler’s certificate

  • Photocopy of driver license or passport or ID

  • Photocopy of front and back of active credit card

  • Signed a copy of rental agreement with Kitchin theory

  • Product liability or business insurance Insured up to at least $1 million with Kitchen theory San Francisco listed as additional insured.